Only just noticed the introduction forum :blush:

so i thought i would say hello to you all :slight_smile:

Hello Kitty (oops that sounds familiar)
from another newbie. :smiley:

Morning nice to meet you.
Hope you enjoy the forum

Hi and welcome to the forum. Everyone is really friendly here. Enjoy :smiley:

Hello Kitty darlin’ from sunny Sussex.

Hello Kitty :039: welcome to a friendly forum :slight_smile:

Hello Kitty :smiley: welcome. I look forward to chatting with you .

thanks for all your welcomes i think i am going to like it here

Oh you will,its lovely.

:039: Hi and welcome from across the Pond. This is a lovely forum, Kitty.

Hello Kitty, a friendly welcome to you!:slight_smile:

A very warm welcome to you Kitty.

Hello there Kitty, welcome to one of the friendliest forums around, make yourself at home and enjoy being a member :slight_smile:

thanks all

Hello Kitty and welcome, jump in and enjoy :slight_smile:

Hi, warm welcome…

Hello, nice to meet you and hope you enjoy the forum :slight_smile:

Hiya Kitty. I also missed the Introductions section when I first joined. :smiley:

Hope you enjoy it here as it’s a lovely place with lovely people. :wink:

:041::041: Hey Kitty … lovely to meet you!

thanks everyone for such a warm welcome