Hit from behind whilst stationary

Yesterday I was waiting at traffic lights there was a slight bump on my car from behind.
Looking in the rear view mirror I see this car had rolled into me.
The bump was so minor there would have been no damage as my car has a tow ball protruding.
No need to get out and check, I simply rolled down my window and shook a fist at the driver.
Concentrate people

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That happened to me a few times. One time, the jolt was big enough that I got out of my car to check for damage. The other driver started yelling. I guess she thought the best defense is a good offense, so she started blaming me.

I just looked at her and said, you hit me from behind. It can’t possibly be my fault.

Then she started playing the victim, telling me what a hardship it would be if I reported it. The whole thing was so loud and obnoxious. I had to tell her to be quiet so I could check for damage.

If I’m recalling correctly, there wasn’t much damage (if any), so I left her noisy self and drove away.

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Busy on their mobiles (most of the time). Yes, it’s illegal, but the amount of these non concentrating idiots I see is UNBELIEVABLE


It happened to me years ago in a nose to tail queue on a motorway. the biff was hard enough to jerk our heads backwards a bit. The traffic was heavy enough for us both to get out and check the cars over without causing a delay to others. He was most apologetic but there was no damage, so no action necessary.

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I was hit from behind whilst stationary at traffic lights.
I did very well out of it, a newer car and lots of compo for whiplash.:wink:

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