Hibiscrub for pre operation showering

I am due for an operation next week under my cardiologist. Yesterday I attended my pre-op run-through with a cardio nurse and I was given a bottle of Hibiscrub for showering the night before and again in the morning prior to leaving for the hospital. I am fist one in the OT at 08:30 and I want to make sure nothing prevents my much needed corrective heart surgery. However, now I read through the Hibiscrub details and instructions, I find it’s main active ingredient is Chlorhexidine which I know will produce a skin reaction for me as it does with Germolene. I do have an alternative I use frequently provided by the NHS which contains a antimicrobial, so I e-mailed the cardiology department, but it bounced straight back. My aids no longer link to our telephone, so e-mail was my only option.
Does anyone know if Hibiscrub is mandatory prior to a heart operation?

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Don’t tell anyone but I did wash my body in the Hibiscrub but I left my hair, ask the nurse LD, explain your situation.

Good luck with your surgery may I ask what you’re having done?

Ignore if I’m being nosey.

I don’t think it’s mandatory, they wouldn’t have known if I showered in it…not sure though.

Sorry I didn’t read about your aids not linking to the phone.

I think your alternative will be fine if you cannot get hold of anyone on the cardiology team, what about askng your GP?:smiley:

I’m going in for an acute arrhythmia. I’m hoping a pacemaker will be sufficient, but my consultant cant be sure one will correct my appalling internal ‘wiring’ so it’ll be sorted out once I’m under the knife. . somewhat scary!

Oh crikey, I hope a pacemaker suffices, if not will it be open heart surgery?

Certain arrhythmia do require open heart surgery i read.

My first e-mail was to the surgery and they passed the buck back to me for contacting cardiology, but that e-mail bounced. I’ll try again tomorrow after that inbox has been emptied.

That’ll be up to the head honcho, but I’ll be out of it so wont know til coming round time.

All the best LD…:pray::heartpulse:

We are quite bad in this country at being able to contact much of the medical profession.
I make a point of Googling the consultant name and nine times out of ten I get their private health company they work for profile page which invariably has an email contact address.
If not then tracking down their secretary is useful.

I’m pretty sure that if you phone the cardio ward and explain they will be able to advise you, and it’ll be faster than waiting for emails that bounce.
FWIW I can’t see any good reason why your alternative NHS-provided antimicrobial should be viewed any differently to Hibiscrub which I’m pretty sure will have been given to you because it’s the readily-available option, but the surgeon might for some reason have different ideas so you’re right to check & the hospital ward should know.
Good luck with your surgery.

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