On here very late and now off to bed. Not sure what I’m doing here so be patient. Any tips welcome, thanks.

Hiya lass. You’re here 'cos ya fancy a yap with us so go ahead and don’t be shy. We’re a nice set of folk on here, I promise, and I speak from experience! :wink:

Whatever tips you need, you only have to ask. Welcome to the forum Pippa. :smiley:

Good morning Pippa darlin’ - welcome to the forum.

Hello Pippa :slight_smile: welcome, I look forward to chatting with you.
If you need any help with anything just ask :slight_smile:

Hello Pippa and welcome …:039:

Hi Pippa :039: Welcome to this friendly place :slight_smile:

welcome, hope you enjoy your time here:-D

Hello Pippa :039: Welcome to a friendly place, hope you enjoy it here :slight_smile:

Hello Pippa, a warm welcome to you! :smiley:

I hope you enjoy it here, if you need any help with finding your way around the forum, just ask or post your query in Forum Help here: http://www.over50sforum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=3

Hello Pippa, nice to meet you - hope you enjoy the forum :slight_smile:

Hello, welcome to the forum.
You will be happy you joined, everyone is nice and caring here.

Hi Pippa

Welcome to the forum. Do hope you join in with the post, people are very friendly here.:039:

Hi Pippa :slight_smile: welcome to the ‘OFFers’ lol Hope you like it here :slight_smile:

Hi Pippa. Are you new to forums in general or just this one in particular?
And welcome by the way :slight_smile: