[FONT=“Lucida Sans Unicode”]Hi, I’m Roxy from Scotland.:-D[/FONT]

Hi Roxy :slight_smile: welcome, I look forward to chatting with you.

Hola, and welcome from a hot and sunny Southern Spain.

Hi Roxy:039: it’s nice to meet you - hope you enjoy
the forum :smiley:

:039: Hi and welcome from the States! Hope you enjoy the forum, Roxy!

Hello Roxy, a very warm welcome to you.

Hello Roxy and I hope you enjoy our little spot in the ether.
I look forward to reading your posts.

Hi Roxy I’m a newbie myself will look forward to chatting in the future Anne

Hi Roxy - Welcome to the forum!

Welcome Roxy, good to have you on board…:smiley:

Hello and welcome Roxy. :smiley:

Hi Roxy and welcome to the forum.:smiley:

Hello, nice to meet you - hope you enjoy the forum…

Hello and Welcome Roxy:-D

I kept it simple. :lol:

Please note … this is an old thread. :slight_smile: