Hi to all

Came across this site doing google search and joined a few days ago. it looks a terrific site and I have already enjoyed ready some posts.
I retired the beginning of this year after a career in the gas industry, thought I’d miss it but I haven’t at all. I live alone with my cat Charlie but looking to rescue a dog. I need a walking companion. Love my walking and walk with a local walking group.

Anyone else here from the Midlands?

Hello Gloria, and welcome.
Hope you enjoy it here.


Hi Gloria :039:
Enjoy yourself and get stuck in!

Hi Gloria, welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy being here with us.

Keep your eye on that Mups person, she’s trouble. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hi and welcome Gloria. Just jump in and have fun. It seems that most people come from the midlands…but I don’t hold that against them…somebody has to!;-):lol:

Ignore that man Gloria, he’s gonna get such a slap before the night’s out. :smiley:

Hi Gloria :039:

Hello Gloria :slight_smile: a very warm welcome to Over50sForum…

Hello and welcome from me too :slight_smile:

Hello Gloria :slight_smile: welcome. I live in the Midlands too.

Hi Gloria,

Welcome to our forum, you will find we are a friendly bunch on here.

Hello Gloria and welcome :slight_smile:

Good morning Gloria darlin’ and welcome.

Hi Gloria

Welcome to the forum.

Hi Gloria.
And welcome to the forum.
I live in North Wales (Rhos On Sea) so the Midlands ain’t THAT far away! :smiley:

Hi Gloria

I’m new too ! Shame I don’t live near you - I need to get out and about !

It’s a hello from me, Gloria.

Hello from here too.