Hi to all . .

Hi - I’ve just found the forum and I’m looking forward to chatting ! :slight_smile: - I’m in the north west of England. - Barbara xx :slight_smile:


Hello welcome looking forward to chatting to u 2


Hi Barbara :slight_smile: a very warm welcome to the forum!

I hope you will enjoy your time here with us…:smiley:

Hello Barbara :slight_smile: welcome, I look forward to chatting with you.

Hi there Barbara - welcome from Pats…:smiley:

Good evening Barbara darlin’ and welcome to the forum from me too. AS you can see I live t’other end of the country from you.

Many thanks for the welcome to the forum ! :slight_smile:

This is true Uncle Joe - though I always wanted to visit Brighton and I went there for the day, when I went to London last year . . :smiley: - I absolutely loved it ! :smiley:

Hello Barbara and a warm welcome to you.:slight_smile:


Hello Barbara and I am sure you will enjoy it here, everyone is very friendly.

Look forward to chatting:)

Barbara darlin’ - next time you’re on a day trip in this direction let me know - we’ll meet up for a little drinky or something.

Welcome Barbara another Southerner here :smiley:

Hope you will enjoy our little group.

Welcome, hope you enjoy the forum

Hello and welcome :slight_smile: