Hi people any london musicians on here

Morning yo’ll i am new here,
I am Kem
I found this site on google
and was wondering if this could be a good place to find some like minded people who would like to get together and play through a few tunes most adds ive seen are after young guns, well i am determined to play till i drop :smiley:
I don’t mind a conversation so come say hi lets see how things go.
hope to hear from you

thanks Kem

Hi Kem,

Welcome to our forum, sorry I don’t play any instruments, but would like to say Hello, i’m also from London.

Hi Kem

Welcome to the forum

I haven’t played guitar for years now although I would love to get together for a jamming session but unfortunately, I’m in Devon. :cry:

Anyway, hope you stick around for a chat.

I used to live in north London but not any more. Musical I am not either but welcome anyway Kemit, hope you enjoy your time on here. :slight_smile:

Hello there Kem :wave:
I was born in bomb raked London during WWII and I now call the south coast my home. I am definitely musical minded and can play several instruments except wind now due to shot lungs. Also I paly via a perfect ear as I am unable to read sheet music at speed, so I run through slowly at first then once my brain has imprinted I can run up to speed, but I do find playing by ear run-through a couple of times and then my hands & fingers do the rest.
A day without music is to me a day of poor quality and my wife is the same :thumbup: :041::041:

Correction to my previous post.

My wife informs me I’ve got it wrong where wind is concerned because I own and play the Uilleann Pipes which are air powered via arm pumped bellows or air sack just above the elbow.

Hi Kem :slight_smile: welcome…

Hi Kem :slight_smile: a warm welcome to Over50sForum…

Hi Susie thx for replying to my ask, No prob if your not playing guitar i am suggesting if you get a desire too take a look at youtube its great to learn with at what ever level your at,
I see on your profile your out in the countryside with all the animals that sounds great I love nature too its one of my joys in life,I am in london not far from Battersea pk which I go very regular its by the river has wooded areas, I am loving the autumn leaves and the variety of water birds, geese, various ducks, moorhens. swans, cormorant and herons etc

Hi Mags thx for the reply you ex Londoner…
Yes Devon is a long way to go for a jam, although i used to go to Cornwall, Devon area with a friend who drove us there they had a place down there that was a few years ago it was good to get outa London and breath some fresh air

Wow I am impressed with your talents sounds like your leave me standing but hey ho its a wonderful thing to do playing for the love is good for the soul
now I am wandering if i am sending these messages to the right people

Welcome to the site.
I’m a musician who plays saxophone, keyboard and sings but I live in Canada.

Good luck all the same and have fun

just a little to far smiles , enjoy your day thx

Hi Kemit,

I was born and brought up in Dalston, Hackney, N1.

Yeah I didn’t claim it was helpful but welcome all the same:lol:

sarah kay from south London - ex Londoner what part are you from

Hi there Sarah i am in s london near clapham

I am so new. How can I join forum. It’s kinda confusing

Is the site strictly for people in the UK?

No it’s not. I’m not from the UK and neither are many others