Hi, newbie to this site here.

Hi all, am looking forward to chatting on this site. a little about myself, i am animal mad, some say just mad but hey who cares.:wink: hope to chat to you all soon, but will have to dissapear every now and then as i am hoping to rehome the little lurcher we are fostering. kind regards, bobbiesmum

Hi, welcome , sure you will love it here, there are a good few animal mad people on here, including me!!:smiley:

Hi, you cant be that old you answered to quickly lol. nice to meet you and glad there are other animal people on here.

I have 3 dogs, one being a 12 week old Boxer pup, 5Cats, and I foster for the CP…

Dogsey and Catsey provided a lot of the members to the site when it first started in Beta (only in late August - it’s really flown since then) so you’ll find lots of animal lovers.

There are normal people too :slight_smile: lol

Oops - nearly forgot to say welcome! :blush:

hello, nice to meet you, I also am new and love dogs

Welcome to the madhouse Bobbiesmum… sounds like you’ll fit right in :lol:

:039: Hi and welcome, I’m a cat lady over here from Catsey … hope you enjoy this forum as much as I do!

Hello:039: nice to meet you-I have a 6 and half yr old labrador-she’s very sweet-hope you enjoy the forum :slight_smile:

wow thanks so much for the welcome. i have been in and out of here since i regesterd. have to keep an eye on emails for this little pup we got. nice to hear i will fit into the madhouse.lol we have a 2 yr old german shepherd called Bobbie who has epilepsy, an 18yr old female cat and a 12wk old lurcher boy who we are fostering. i have just managed to get this little boy toilet trained and now it looks like he will be on his way very soon. fingers crossed for his forever home. we only got him sat but am attached to him already. lol.

That’s why I could never foster! I’d want to keep them … also my 10 year old cat enjoys being an only cat and wants no competition :mrgreen:

:smiley: my cat wont accept other cats here but she doesnt mind the dogs, once they have been batterd by her they do tend to leave her alone:lol:
i am now waiting for people to get back to me about this little pup. if he is going to a new home i would prefer it to be before christmas. the sooner the better for me. that way i dont have time to think about keeping him. and if he goes before christmas it gives him time to settle in before all the hussle and bussle of christmas holidays. and it also opens up a gap for another little one to have some love and comfort for a while.
kind regards carol

Hi and welcome. Another animal lover here.

Hope your wee guy has a forever home soon.

Fingers crossed everything goes well for the wee man…

Hi and welcome from a cat lady…although I love all animals;-)

Hope you enjoy it here with us:-D

Welcome, sounds like quite a few animals are lucky to have found you. Joan

Hello, welcome to the forum… hope you have fun here :slight_smile:

Hello Carol :039:welcome, good to see you…:slight_smile:

Hi welcome to the forum, there are lots of animal lovers on here.

Welcome to the forum Bobbiesmum, nice to meet you. :slight_smile: