Hi, Newbie but an Oldie

Hi, My name is Barbara. I am from SC. I hope to find many friends here. I raised 3 children. Two of my own that are 42 and 30. Then raised my Autistic grandson. He is in care now and 20 soon to be 21. For the first time I am at home with no responsibilities. Would love to meet some of you find some things to do.

Hello Barbara :slight_smile: welcome .

Welcome from me, an Ancient Scotsman.

Welcome to the forum.


Hi there Barbara and welcome to the site. Just jump in and enjoy youself.

Hello Barbara :slight_smile: a very warm welcome to Over50sForum…

Welcome Barbara .
IS SC Southern California or South Carolina?

welcome to the forum Barbara

Hi Barbara, always good to see a new face… :slight_smile:

Most new members are Yanks Barbara, maybe from Santa Barbara, or Hanna Barbera.:-):wink:

Hi Barbara :039: