Hi, kinda sorta new here

Hi everyone. I joined some time back but just now signing back in here. I’m from South Carolina. Hoping to make some new friends and enjoy the forums.


welcome back,looking forward to you joining in…
What voluntaring work have you done ?And where have you traveled to

Wotcha SaltLife,

Welcome back aboard!
I do love Carolina Reaper chillis and untill just now I didn’t realise that boiled peanuts could look so tasty. :+1:

Enjoy the forum fella!

Welcome kinda, sorta new here…er, Saltlife.

It’s always fine to have a new avatar, new outlooks, new posts here. I hope you’ll enjoy yourself.
I’m a big volunteer person, and love conversations that may well be intelligent, or not. :grin:
welcome sign

I hope you ain’t goin to rub Salt in the wound!

Hey SaltLife,

Welcome to the forums! :wave:

Hope you enjoy your time here. I’m looking forward to reading your posts.

Hi Eliza, thanks for the welcome. I have volunteered in many ways over the years from helping with construction for churches to food drives, soup kitchens to technology assistance for seniors and pretty much anything I can help anyone with. I have only traveled within the United States but would love to travel over to the UK. I recently did a dna test and found out I am Welsh, Irish, and English.


Thanks Chilliboot for the welcome and yes we can grow some spicy peppers here. lol I have not personally tried the Carolina Reaper because I like my taste buds just how they are, not burnt. lol Jalapenos are as brave as I go these days. lol Now as for boiled peanuts, I have been know to make a bag or two of those disappear quickly. lol The reaper was developed a couple of hours from where I live.

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Hi RightNow, thanks for the welcome. I as well like most any sort of conversation. lol I tend to try and find humor in things so light hearted, intelligent, whatever is fine with me.

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Hi spitfire, no I hope no irritation of anyone here. lol Maybe make someone laugh with some of my Dad jokes. lol Hopefully I’ll find some new friends who I can laugh with and maybe learn a thing or two. lol

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Thanks for the welcome butterscotch and hopefully I can contribute something here worth reading every once in awhile and maybe make someone smile.


Welcome from me too …make yourself.at home :smile:

welsh;’ irish and english - omg someone tell him - ya in big trouble mate - uk is multicultural now - it’s sorta become Caribean flavoured!! - but still welcome!

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@SaltLife Hiya Salty and welcome to the on-line meeting place for seniors :wave:

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Hello and welcome.

Our part of UK.

All you’re missing is Scottish!
They’re the best of the lot :wink:

Welcome :hugs:

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Hello @SaltLife, a warm welcome to the forum. :smiley:

Hi SaltLive from South California! Just a little bit for me. I’m a Scotsman, my rear wife is f. rom Georgia (USA) so a but of a bit of a bunch here!. I do hope you enjoy the forum here.

beggar he’s gawn already - who said what to who?

Hi Summer and thanks for the welcome.