Hi from NY

Just got hit by the 50, feeling well, many emotions.

So good time to go online. I have 2 children a 26 yr old and
an 8 yr old, HUGE gap!! Any other older single parents out there?? Would like to converse with people that take a few minutes to wake up in the morning.

Welcome Georgie. Single parent of a 16 year old girl here,

Hello Georgie :slight_smile: welcome, I look forward to chatting with you.

Hi Georgie :smiley: a warm welcome to you!

HI Georgie Girl !

I’m not a single young parent, My oldest great grand child is 11 years old.
But it does take me awhile to get up in the mornings.

New York, Huh? I’m in Cali (California).

((A warm welcome to ya))

Hi Georgie and a warm welcome to you :slight_smile:

I need at least half an hour to wake up in the mornings, never mind a few minutes - I’m not a morning person :lol:

Hi Georgie eldest Grandchild30 youngest great grandchild 4,it takes all sorts, Enjoy.

Hi, warm welcome, good to meet you…

Hi Georgie… not a morning person either :slight_smile: Welcome to OFF’ers, hope you like it here :slight_smile:

Hi Georgie. Your mornings are our afternoons here as you’ll be several hours behind us in the UK, but welcome anyway. :smiley:

Hi Georgie

welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Good morning Georgie darlin’ welcome. I AM a morning person, but conversely tire very easily during the evenings.

Hi Georgie…Welcome…Lucky you living in the Big Apple…Love New York…:smiley:

Hello Georgie, a very warm welcome to you!.

Hello Georgie.

Welcome to the forum, Lots of very nice people here, for you to chat to.:039:

Hello Georgie, nice to meet you - hope you enjoy the forum…

Thanks guys for the warm welcome, and we say that Brits are cold, (kidding).

Safe to say that you guys are “from the other side”. But we all get older, look foward to time on here.

Cold? were bloody freezing at the moment. Very damp day here.