Hi from Morticia AKA Sags


Just saying hello to everyone… after a long absence. :039:
And it’s nice to be back.

Call me Morty or Sags.

Hi Morty glad your back :slight_smile:

Hi Sags :slight_smile:

Hi … and thanks

I could do a twirl I’m that pleased. … brace yourselves … :slight_smile: as I think I will.


Hello Sags :slight_smile:

Hi Sags, welcome back … :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome back. :smiley:

Welcome back , look forward to you posting.

Good morning Morticia…what a charming name.

Hello Morty - welcome back :slight_smile:
Nice to see ya - to see ya nice - like the twirl :-p

Nice to see you Morty. Welcome back :smiley:

Welcome back Morty, I hope you are keeping well.:slight_smile:

Hi Sags,

Love your profile video!

Welcome to our forum, hope to be chatting with you soon. Susie x

Well Hello, Morty, fancy seeing you in here !:smiley:

:smiley: I feel at home already. Thank you everyone for the warm welcomes.

And Silver Tabby! Eek! Hello! :smiley:

Hi MortySags, welcome.

I will call you Morty, as I am a gentleman…:lol:…H