Hi from David, new member

hi all… brand new… checking this out

anyone home?

I am david, good morning and welcome to the forum. Come and tell us a little something of yourself.

:039: Hi David A come and join the Happy band, well with the exception of an odd one or two. Have a lovely time and join in the postings, sorry I missed you last night I had an early one.:lol::lol:

anyone home?

Hallo David :slight_smile: I guess most of us were abed when you joined :surprised: welcome, I look forward to chatting with you.

Welcome aboard David :slight_smile:

I’m awake at the moment and welcome to the forum David. Hope you enjoy getting to know us.

hello david

Welcome to the forum.
I was tucked up in bed fast a sleep when you joined. Do hope you stay and chat with us all.:039:

Hello David, a very warm welcome to you, sorry I missed you earlier.

Hi David… ah well, looks like you didn’t bother calling back in…:shock:

Welcome David. I’ve been off for a couple of days, busy with a late christmas! Hope to see you posting soon :wink:

Hi David, welcome from a fellow Newbie. This is turning out to be a lovely site for us newbies. :slight_smile: