Hi from a newbie

Hello everyone just joined today

Hello :slight_smile: a warm welcome to you - looking forward to chatting with you :slight_smile:

Hello Pumpkin.
Welcome to this friendly forum, look forward to your post.


Hello Pumpkin :039: Welcome

Hello Pumpkin :slight_smile: welcome, I look forward to chatting with you …

Hello Pumpkin, welcome to the forum.


Hello Pumpkin and a warm welcome :slight_smile:

Ey-up Pumpkin, Welcome Lass.

Greetings to you Pumpkin, welcome to the Forum:-).

Thank you for the warm welcome. Off to have a browse around and see what’s cooking:-D

Belated greetings from down south Pumpkin darlin’

A welcome from oop north.:smiley:

Hello and welcome Pumpkin.

Hi Pumpkin,
What a nice name. My grandmother used to call my mom Pumpkin.

You’ll love it here. Every break I get I come back and sign in over and over. LOL

Welcome to the forum Pumpkin :):slight_smile:

Hi there Pumpkin. Welcome to Over 50s. It’s nice and friendly here. :smiley:

Hi Pumkin wellcome to the forum

Hi pumpkin a warm welcome from me

Thank you again for the warm welcome, hope to chat to some or all of you once I have found my feet:-)