Hi everyone.

I joined a while ago but haven’t posted yet. :smiley:

Hello Patricia :slight_smile: a very warm welcome to you!

Looking forward to getting to know you on the forum :slight_smile:

Thank you Mags.

:lol::038:Hi Patricia get posting and join in :slight_smile: I do and I’m rubbish it’s a help but not a necessity to know what you’re doing. :lol::lol:

Hello Patricia :smiley: welcome. I look forward to chatting with you.

Thanks everyone, I’m not a great poster I’m afraid but I will pop in.
I hope everyone is chugging along OK this dreary Monday morning.

Morning Patricia, welcome to the forum. Please do pop in, I’m sure you’ll find a thread somewhere where you can make a comment :smiley:


Good morning Patricia, good to see you back…:wink:

Good morning Patricia. Sitha, Chugging along. My eyes spotted that straight away. Coming from Yorkshire its a common saying others might not know :lol:
Hope you have a great time on here and welcome :wink:

morring :wink: one all yorkshies a nice place used to live there before we emagrated :wink:

Come on now Bonnie Lass, we need a few more from up here, welcome to the Forum.

So what does Sitha mean can we have a translation :smiley:

Sitha is Yorkshire, from Old East Norse or Viking, meaning "see there, or look depending if its at the beginning or the end of a sentance. Its a little like Ciao meaning a greeting of hello or goodbye you can be flexible
with it. There are lots of Viking words in Yorkshire still used in fact
you can have a good conversation with another Yorkie in the know
and most people wouldnt know what you were talking about

twilt on the lug = smack around the ear
sackless = lazy
brat = pinefore
scatting = fussing over domestics
segs = hard skin on hands and feet

Umm as I said a different language :shock:

Welcome to the site…

Lanccy not too different

belt round lugole… smack round the ear
sackless would guess at lazy
Brat according to my Nan was an illegitimate child (was a new one on me, I thought it was a naughty child)
Pinafore … pinny
scatting about …fussing about
segs …hard skin hands or feet :-D:-D

:-DI just found it on Google never thought to look there. Well that’s made my day.
You’ve brought me good luck Patricia, long may it continue.:-D:-D
Please ignore this you won’t know what I’m talking about cos I forgot to post it. I did ask if anyone knew of poem called A GRADELY PRAYER, then thought I’d Google it and forgot what I was doing.Sorry.

Lol, may your luck continue Hazel.
I often don’t know what I’m talking about! :smiley:

Thanks for the lovely welcome everyone. :smiley:

Hello Patricia, hope you enjoy the forum…

Hello Patricia,

Nice to meet you.