hi all

stumbled across this group and thought it looked interesting and thought I would join. look forward to a few discussions and whatever else you lot do in here. Hi

Hello Gary :slight_smile: welcome, I look forward to chatting with you .

Thanks , me too

hi , can you tell me why I cant post in certain places. Is this due to being a new member ? haha do I need certain permission. Thanks

Good afternoon Gary matey and welcome

Hi Gary:-) a warm welcome to Over50sForum…

Hi and welcome Itsa. May I call you Itsa. Just jump in and have fun.

Hello and welcome from me too. :smiley:

Hi Gary, welcome so glad you’ve joined us were a friendly group :slight_smile:

Welcome, I hope you like it here :slight_smile:

Hello Gary, welcome to our forum, we are all very friendly on here.
There are lots of things of interest on this forum for you to look at.
Looking forward to chatting with you.

It maybe because you are a new member, ask the Mods.

Hi Itsa and welcome.

Hello and welcome to the forum from me too :slight_smile:

Did you get your username from the little-known psychedelic band of the 1960’s per chance, Gary? If not, it’s a breath of fresh air and very pleasant :slight_smile: Welcome buddy! :slight_smile: