Hey everyone

Hi! Found this website today and love it already! I Hope everyone is having a good day.

I’m a young lady :wink: from Florida.

Hello HLS :slight_smile: a warm welcome to Over50sForum…

Welcome from me, an old Scotsman with a lovely wife from Gone With the Wind country.
Enjoy your time here.

Hi HealthyLivingSoul and welcome, hope you enjoy your time on Over50sForum. :slight_smile:

Hello Healthy Soul, you sound like just the person that will fit in well on the forum…Look forward to reading you…:wink:

Hi Souly, hope you don’t mind me calling you that, it’s just I can’t help but put a y on everyones name! If you don’t like it just tell me and I’ll just call you Healthy hehe.

Enjoy your time here on the forum, it’s a nice place to be.

I’m waving at you from across the ocean :039:

Hi HLS, young Ladies in your description are always welcome here :slight_smile:

Hello Mary :slight_smile: welcome…

Hiya HLS :039:

Nice to meet you. Welcome!

Welcome from another newbie. Great aspirational username :slight_smile: