hey everyone

my name is sandee --i hope everyone is doing good

Good evening Sandee darlin’ and welcome. Hoping you’re not down wind of ‘Florence’.

Hi Sandee.
Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Welcome sandee, to the forum… :slight_smile:

Hello Sandee :slight_smile: a warm welcome to Over50sForum…

Hi Sandee :):039:

Hi there :039:

Hey, Sandee back.
Welcome from me.
Sweetie x

Hello and welcome Sandee. Which part of the US of A?

thank you everyone for welcoming me—i still havent learned my way arround yet—

i am from georgia

i am close to the hurricane but not in the path—i pray that people have made it out of there and their homes are not destoyed

Sandee stay safe my lovely.

Hi sandee. I’m still finding my way around too. Hope the hurricane doesn’t affect you.

Hello Sandee, welcome to the Mad House, we are all quite insane on here, except me of course, i’m the Sane one.


i am here to see if i can straighten out the mad house—lol

That is a pretty big job Sandee, plan on working around the clock…
Welcome to the forum Sandee. Keep safe, and let us know how you are doing…looking forward to your posts…

Blue x

Yeah, well, good luck with that. And if you begin to make inroads into the situation…it means you’re becoming one of us. :smiley:

Take it one step at a time, left foot first.