Helping a neighbour

A neighbour asked me a few weeks ago if he could borrow my Skyvac for his gutters, then he was knocked off his bike and broke his arm so nothing was done.
I was blowing moss off my roof with the skyvac yesterday when he came over and asked again, so then the battle started me and him against his gutter.
To say just grass was growing out of it back and front of his house, well it was more like a garden up there. the size of clumps of grass and roots we lifted out you could have built a small garden ,or at least do a decent patching job on a lawn. His house gutter had not been touched or cleared for 30 years, how it didn’t come down with the weight of stuff beats me.

I guess he was more than happy and offered me a bottle of wine. Now me being me I don’t help out anyone for any reward I am only too happy to help ,so I didn’t accept and I don’t like red wine anyway. So that is how a good part of the day went yesterday, it was fun doing it


That was an act of kindness, :+1::+1::+1::heartpulse:

Good for you RS :slight_smile:

How kind