Help with present

Friend of ours has a birthday coming up she only uses one brand of creams and we thought it might be nice to buy her a pot. But can’t remember for life of me what it’s called. It’s in a squat pot. Red. Contains either retinal something or vitamin a ? One of those things.

Any ideas at all. I know it’s a crappy description but that’s all I can remember and asked my husband and he just looked confused, always depend on him to remember a ladies beauty cream :mrgreen:

Some of the L’Oreal creams contain Retinol and I believe they do a red pot amongst their many creams. Could it be that Julie?

Brilliant yes that’s the one retinol A

You are a star mags thank you !

Wow… that was a wild guess too! :smiley:

Glad to be of help, Julie!

Garnier’s Ultralift cream is in a little red pot too.

But … it’s not so squat and I’m not sure it has retinol in it.

Aye I have the Garnier creams too as a present at Christmas…Day & Night creams…I’ve used them every day since and haven’t a wrinkle left on My face (if You believe that You’ll believe anything) :-p

Lol may, I’m not suggesting it works but my friend likes it so I’m going to get it for her, I’m more a coconut oil sudocream gal depending what problem my skin has. Simple light day creams nice too nothing that will stop wrinkles but is nicely moisturing.

Strawberry ice cream ?

Eat enough of that it definitely irons out the wrinkles, us fatties don’t have as many as our thinner cousins.:mrgreen:

No … I believe you as I use the stuff too.
After a while all the wrinkles merge you know, a bit like a sinkhole.

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