Help with Henry Hoover

Help/advice needed. I have broken one of the small front wheels on my henry hoover.

Have googled it, and replacement wheels are available.

Googled how to remove broken wheel, and it said it was easy peasy, just pull it off with pliers,

I tried that, and all that happened was I pinched my finger rather painfully in the side bit of the pliers.

Googled again, and found advice that said if wheel was stuck put a screw driver underneath, the use pliers.

Still didn’t work.

Anyone got any other advice on how to get the metal thing where the wheel was off.

If I need to get a new one has anyone got one of these, Dyson Small Ball which is recommended on various sites.

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Perhaps soaking the ‘axle’ area of the wheel with something like WD40 for a while might just allow you to remove the wheel using a screwdriver and pliers as you did originally. :grinning:

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Thank you @Baz46 I will give that a go.

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You are welcome, I just hope it works for you, worth a try I thought. :grinning:

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One of those little buggers eh?

You just know it’ll pop out as soon as you’ve opened the box on a new Hoover!!

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@Azz I doubt you’ll be hitting the like button for my usual charming and sartorial wit.

Am I correct in assuming the word “bugger” raised a modding flag which caused you to have a nosey?

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Haha no, I’ve just been going through some threads to get a better idea of what’s posted and what tweaks/policies we may need. Sometimes to support the thread starter and posters I ‘like’ all of the posts I see in the thread up to that point too :003:

Make the most of it Dex as I won’t be able to do it forever :lol:

@Baz46 Sadly WD40 has not helped, I found an old “mole grip” in my tool box, (tool box is an exaggeration, plastic tray thing with a variety of mangled screwdrivers, pliers, a hammer, and some other bits that I have no idea what they are, wouldn’t have known what mole grip was if it didn’t have name on the side) and still couldn’t get broken wheel bit out. Will ask my kind brother in law if he can do it, otherwise new cleaner beckons. Thanks for trying to help anyhows.

@Maver-rik You are welcome to what help I could give. :023:

That’s a shame you couldn’t do it especially as even using molegrips doesn’t move it. I found the YouTube video below on how to change a wheel and it seems so easy that I wonder if your’s the same Henry Hoover? By the look of it on the video there’s a Philips screw that has to be removed and then the wheel seemed very easy to remove. Best of luck with any continuing efforts anyway. :grinning:

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Thank you @Baz46 , but it is the little front wheel I need to change, not the big back one.


Can you access where the wheel’s stub fits in from inside the wastebag housing? If it looks like you, nor anyone else can get it out, might be wirth drilling into it so you can stick a nail or something it and hammer the bloody thing out? Last resort, obviously!!

I think if I tried that, even if I got old one out, I wouldn’t be able to put a new one in. Will ask Brother in law to try, otherwise buy a new one, but thanks anyway.

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Or, there’s always:

Plenty of them on ebay.

Ooooh thank you @Dextrous63 that looks just the thing :058:

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I did wonder about that. However, as there’s nothing I can find about the small back wheels, perhaps this is an indication of the same difficulties you are having? Good luck with it anyway. :grinning:

Am sure you’ll find one that suits your model number.

Did find one for about £130 on espares, but that’s just plain silly money.

Does seem a bit wasteful to sling out a perfectly good machine if a cheap replacement part is available (even if it is second hand or a cheapo Chinese replica).

Good luck with it @Maver-rik