Hellooooo all :o)

Just a quick hellooooo everyone, not visited this site before so a little bit scary :slight_smile: xx

Hello Bellasmum, a warm welcome to the forum.:slight_smile:

Hello Gail and welcome to the forum :039: Is Bella your dog or is she a cat - or something else maybe?

Hello Gail :slight_smile: a warm welcome to the forum…

Hello Gail :slight_smile: welcome. I look forward to chatting with you.

Hello Gail, hope you like it here :slight_smile:

She is my gorgeous dog, Bella is a SBT :slight_smile:
(6yr old on Christmas Day).
Will add some photo’s of her when can work out how :o)

Thanks all for the welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome BellasMum. Had to laugh at the scarey. We are not that bad :smiley:
We all hope you have a good time on here and join in.

Welcome Bellas mum.I Had a Dachsy called Bella in the dim and distant past. Welcome, hope you enjoy it here.

Hello Gail, welcome to the forum.
Like annie and you, I had a dog called Bella too, she was a GSD :smiley:

Hi Gail,

Nice to meet you. I love SBTs, so look forward to seeing a picture of Bella.

What lovely welcomes off you all ty :o)

I’ll def be posting a photo of her, may use one as my signature.

Lovely that there are some dog lovers here:o)

I have my daughter staying this week which is lovely!

Welcome from me too, I’m sure you will find everyone very friendly, I know I do.

Better late than never, a nice big hello from me as well Bellasmum, I just know that you will enjoy being a member of this forum so have fun. :slight_smile:

Gail darlin’ - belated greetings from me too - have been away from the forum on a short-break holiday for the past week, so please excuse the lateness of my hellos and welcomes.