My name is Julia and I’ve just joined. Any advice or help would be wonderful as I’ve never done this before. Thanks

Hello Julia :slight_smile: welcome…

Hi Julia and welcome, I hope you enjoy your time on Over50sForum. :039:

Hello Julia :slight_smile: a warm welcome to Over50sForum…

Thank you very much.

I hope so too. Thank you Baz

Thank you Meg

Welcome to the forum Julia, I look forward to reading you and perhaps see some of your artwork. You are in good company, there are several excellent artists on the forum…:wink:

Hello Julia. Welcome…:cool:

Welcome to the forum julia.

:039: Julia. Just dive right in, the forum’s lovely.

Hello from another newbie!

Hi Julia, welcome to the forum. I am also new here.

Hi Julia, nice to have you here.

Wonderful name, my beautiful Sisters name was Julia too x

Great to meet you, WeezyAnna!


Hi Julia, and welcome.
Just read through some posts and join in with what you enjoy.:slight_smile: