Just thought I would say hello as new on the site and finding my way around.

Hello Medea:-) a warm welcome to Over50sForum…

Good morning Medea darlin’ and welcome. Regards to Jason too!!!

Hello Media, waving at you from Canada. Welcome to the forum.

Hello Media :slight_smile: welcome…

Hi Medea, welcome to the forum…hope you enjoy yoursef here, I am sure you will…

Hello from California, Medea! Warm welcome!

Thank you all, quite a big site to navigate but have found the entertainment and TV threads may venture into the discussion threads when I have found my feet. I am not sure if there is a bit I can click on for answers to my posts.

Like a FAQ section?

Hi Medea.
Is that you in your avatar there, very pretty picture.

Hi Medea :039: …love your name.

Hello Medea, and Welcome to the forum, you’ll enjoy it on here :slight_smile:

hi ya from a fellow newbie… :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

But you aren’t the one who murdered her sons though, are you?

Hello Medea, welcome to our forum, we are a friendly group on here, so just keep chatting to us.

Sshh Lila it was just a rumour!

Hi Medea and welcome.

Thanks to all again. There are quite a few funny threads on here and enjoying browsing.

Hi Medea,

Welcome and nice to meet you, look forward to your contribution to the forum.