I always fancied being an old git-chance to complain about everything.

Music???-whats that all about for example-whats wrong with that nice young man Jimi Hendrix?

And last night on University Challenge nobody had heard of Telstar by the Tornadoes!!-University was fun when I was there.

Not enough bloody hippies and long haired layabouts these days:-D

Bah! Humbug! :slight_smile:
Lovely to meet you OG - long may you continue to vent your spleen in this humorous fashion

We always need more splenetically gifted people.:smiley:

Hi OG :039: welcome to the forum - I reckon you’ll fit in here just fine! :mrgreen:

Hi OG - welcome to the madhouse, looks like you’ll fit right in :lol:

Hi, OG, glad you came over! We can always use another cantankerous guy with a wry sense of humor!

Hello OG, . . good to see another old git on the forum. :lol:

Hi, warm welcome good to meet you…

Hello-nice to meet you-hope you enjoy the forum…

Hi Bugs :smiley: welcome…

Hi OG, welcome to the forum.

Hello there and welcome to the forum.

Hi OG:-) Nice to meet you … Su:-)e

OMG Claire I’m racing off to find my OED on that one :lol: (Will return when I know what it means ;-))

Well my OED didn’t have it in (Well it is a very old edition:!:slight_smile: but Mr. Google found the Merriam-Webster definition which is:-

For patriotic reasons I usually prefer the OED but I’ll go with Websters on this occassion, well done Claire, TBH I thought you had made it up :lol: and why is there only one ‘e’ when it derives from spleen which has two ???

English is not noted for logical orthograhy, Losos :mrgreen:


I’m sure you’re not really an old git :lol:

Welcome you OG, whatever that means. Don’t mind me I’m from the U.S.

Just figured out the saying ‘I’m poorly’ today. I thought you all were broke (broke meaning of no money):044: