Just found this site, out for a meal the other night and we got round to talking about Forums, and the Fifty’s Forum was mentioned, Unfortunately I cant see my friend on here, so assume there are others of similar names.
However I like what I see, and think I might stay for a while if that is okay, I am an Computer virgin, so please be gentle with me

Hello Munchkin :slight_smile: welcome, I look forward to chatting with you.

Hello and welcome from me too. :smiley:

Hello there - welcome from Patsy :slight_smile:


You’re quite safe in here - we don’t bite - well, not unless there is an ‘R’ in the month anyway !

Tee-hee :smiley: :-p


Hello Munchkin :slight_smile: a warm welcome to the forum…

Hello Munchkin and a very warm welcome to you.:slight_smile:


Good morning matey and welcome.

Hi Munchkin and welcome from me too :slight_smile: