Hello to everyone

I am Pat and i live in the North East with my dog Lottie who is a year old.
I enjoy walking, photography, wildlife, reading and pottering around in the garden.
I am 61 and have just recently retired, so its great to be able to go lots of walkies with Lottie.
I have 2 grown up children who live away.

Hi Pat :039: welcome to the forum…

Hope you enjoy it here:-D

Hello Patty :039: Lovely to meet you
I’m sure you will enjoy it here; it’s very friendly :slight_smile:

Hi Pat, welcome :023:

Plenty of people here share similar interests so I’m sure you’ll fit right in :slight_smile:

Hello Patty, . . welcome to the forum, . . nice to meet you. :smiley:

Thank you Nero for making me feel welcome

Hi, warm welcome , good to meet you…

Thankyou, I hope so

Thank you Mags, i am sure i will enjoy it, never been on this kind of forum before, so felt abit nervous

Thankyou Moli, nice to hear from you

Hello Patty (you’re lucky I checked there cos I got confused with you and the dog and called you Potty) lol
Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it here!

thank you Dinahsmum, i am sure i will

Oh Cassie you made me laugh, i am patty ,lottie is my little dog, sorry to have confused you

No need to feel nervous Patty, you are amongst friends here;-)

I remember the first time I used a forum, I think I ended up with a headache!:lol:

Seriously, everyone is great here, always willing to help and give advice if they can. We are a jolly lot and hope it stays that way;-)

Relax, enjoy the forums and join in with anything you like;-)

… and everything will soon fall into place. It will be worth the effort

You’ll be Potty to me:-D x

Ok Mags i will try to relax, you and everyone else have been really welcoming.

Hi Lotty I am also in the north East and have a westy called Kiera. Kiera says hi to lotti. This is my first day. Think I am going to like being a member here .

Hello and welcome, Patty, to the Forum. You will enjoy it here - everyone is very friendly.

Take care:)

Hi Patty, welcome to the forum, I think there are a number on here who are Potty!