Hello, NEW MEBER - SageVita

Hello my name is Pedro, and I’m part of the Sage Vita team, before introducing myself let me say that this is a good looking forum and it’s an honor to be part of it.

Sage Vita is about an approach to life that favors living longer and living well by living wisely. The compensation for advancing age was always believed to be the advent of wisdom.
Our generation has passed through a skeptical age, questioning traditional beliefs and turning them on their head whenever that seemed appropriate. Most of us are not so presumptuous as to lay a claim on wisdom.

As so, by participating on this forum we hope to gain and share as much knowledge as possible.

Thank everyone hope to have a nice time around.

Hi Pedro,

Tbh, this site is for people (who are over 50) to take part in, not for companies to advertise… If you would like the username changed to your own name and for you to use the account personally, let me know - otherwise, if you signed up the account for marketing purposes it’s probable best if we delete the account altogether.

Thanks for your understanding.

I do understand what you are saying. Let me work that out.
Let’s change the nickname to Pedro please. That would be great.

We are not purely advertising though, we want to take part in the forum and in it’s discussion, providing helpful info to the users and helping out the community.


In what way do you think you’ll provide info? Are you selling something at sagevita? Is the account you signed up here for marketing purposes? (ie do you intend to mention your site when you post?)

If it is, chances are your posts will be viewed as spam.

While we generally allow individual members to promote their stuff, we do draw the line at companies.

We are not selling anything. It’s an informative website, for informing purposes. We are looking to help over 50s like the creator of SV.

But I do want to take part in the forum as a user, not as an advertiser.


Oky doke - I’ll change your username to Pedro tomorrow - don’t forget it will be your log-in username too :slight_smile:

Welcome to the site :slight_smile:

Welcome from me then-a bit of yoga and self awareness never did me any harm but I dont use the site for advertising.

PS-there is a chap I know who sells great tomato plants:-D

Anyway - anyone trying to sell something to this lot had better count their fingers afterwards…:lol:

Lol that’s so true - we have a sharp bunch here :mrgreen:

And being a canny Scot - it would be like trying to get blood oot o’ a stone:)

Come on Pedro - you haven’t been back yet. Were you just advertising after all?

I have a feeling this was all about product placement. :lol:

Who thinks we should pull the thread? :lol:

Or edit out the links and change the name :twisted:

Edit out the links, including his signature :wink:

…done :lol: