Hello I'm new here

Hello everyone just joined today, looks like a great site pleased l found it :slight_smile:

Good morning Angie and welcome to the forum.

Thanks joe I had to find a new home now sagazone is closing

Hi Angie, welcome to our happy brood.

You’re very welcome Angie darlin’ and as you live in Hants, we’re near neighbours.

When you click on ‘home’ you’ll find there is topic dedicated to ‘new members’ - come and anounce yourself and tell us a little about yourself. Don’t take this wrong though, this is not a criticism, merely advice to get you used to the forum. You’ll also find dozens of other topics and just jump in whenever you want to.

Thank you Alan

Good morning Angie. It’s a lovely morning, off out later to enjoy the sunshine, if it lasts of course:lol:

:039:Hello Ripple enjoy your posting on this nice friendly little forum :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Thanks for the help … im off to check it out now

Hello mesco m and Hazel thanks for the welcome . :slight_smile:

Hello Ripple Im another saga refugee… I think many will follow us I have just sent links to some of my friends from there …so it will soon be home from I hope

Hello Angie, welcome to the forum.

Hello and welcome Ripple, hope you enjoy your time here, its nice and friendly…:slight_smile:

Hello, Angie, and welcome! Why is sagazone closing?

Oh, I’ve just logged in there and found out why. Haven’t been on there for months.

Good Morning Angie - it’s a lovely morning up here in Scotland as well - for a change:)

I am sure you will enjoy the forum - it is lively, to say the least:)

Take care and look forward to hearing more from you:)

Hi Angie :slight_smile: a very warm welcome to our forum!

If you have any difficulty finding your way around the site, please post your question in Forum Support and someone will soon be along to help you.

I hope you enjoy your time here with us…:slight_smile:

Hello Ripple - raspberry or chocolate ripple?

Hello Angie :slight_smile: welcome, I look forward to chatting with you…