Hello, I'm Bev!

Hello I’m Bev from South Wales.

Hello Bev :slight_smile: welcome…

Hello Bev :slight_smile: a warm welcome to Over50sForum…

Hi Bev - and welcome!

Hi Bev,

Bore Da (well it is after midnight :slight_smile: )

Welcome to OFF, hope you enjoy your time with us.

Hello Bev,

Welcome to the forum.

Hi Bev…welcome :slight_smile:

Hi Bev, great name! I.m Bev too lol

Welcome to OFF

Good morning Beverley darlin’ and welcome.

Welcome to the forum Bev.

Good morning and welcome Bev.

So you are :wink:
Welcome and nice for you to meet me on here.

From the Village idiot


Hi Bev and a very warm welcome from me.
Glad you have your own thread.
Hope you have fun on the forum.
Sweetie x

:-DWelcome Bev …If you are looking for a great time …
This is the place to be .:twisted::twisted::lol::lol:

What time does it start? :wink:

Hi Bev! :039:
Welcome from a fellow Welshie x

Hi from me - the grumpy old Scotsman!

Hi and welcome Bev. Just jump in and enjoy yourself.