Hello I am new

Hi Everyone.

Hello Ember. I’m new too but this seems an interesting place to be.

There does seem to be a lot going on

Hello Ember :cool: a warm welcome to Over50sForum…

Not too new, I hope; this place is for over 50s. :001:

Hello Ember :slight_smile: welcome…

…and for some of us who have been here a long time that has become over 70 and 80 :smiley:

Too true that.:slight_smile:

Welcome Ember.

… and I do believe we have one or two members here who are over 90, haven’t we Meg? :slight_smile:

Hello Ember, I am also fairly new, been here just a couple of days, feeling my way around gingerly :slight_smile:

hi ember, welcome … enjoy

Hi Ember

I’m new too! Literally just this minute joined. How are you finding it?

Welcome to OFF!

Hi Ember and welcome, I hope you enjoy your time on Over50sForum. :039:

Hello Bathsheba. I am the same. It’s a bit daunting but looks very interesting.

Thanks to all for the welcome.