Hello from Somerset

Hi Everyone

I am (as the title suggests) from Somerset. A dedicated animal lover (especially dogs - of which I have one).

I’m here to pick up tips really - I’m trying to live frugally because I’m so poor! I love cooking, walking and watching TV. Reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo at present which I really like but I’m taking ages to read it for some strange reason.

I 'm currently suffering with plantar fascitis (foot complaint) so my dog walking and rambling have been severely curtailed.


Hello there Sandy - Welcome from Pats…:smiley:


Hello and welcome from another dog lover …
Why dont you start a thread about tip to live frugally …I have loads, Im not tight but I do love to see how little I can live on so I can spend my money on other things

Thanks for the welcome Pats.

Is that your cat nobaggage? I love cats too - I had 3, all sadly passed on.

My current dog couldn’t live with a cat and there have been 3 lost to traffic accidents on the road where I live.

You’re right about starting a thread on frugal living - I shall have a think tonight about a good tip and start one tomorrow.

I’m not tight either but I’m not rich and every month there’s another expense - TV licence, gas bill, car MOT etc… so the less I can spend on day to day things the more I have left over for these emergencies.


Yes thats my Tigger … He came to me aged 5 about 4 years ago … He was so scared of everything but now he is king of the house … my 2 dogs give up there beds to him when he wants to lie by the fire … and he has me pandering to his every need. He is a smart cat , I have taught him to walk on the lead and can often be seen marching around service stations on the motorways of France with my dogs , much to the amusment on the french people . and sits on his own chair in cafe’s when we have breakfast out … Plus he chases the mean dog that attacks other cats in the village he is very funny… more pic’s of him on my profile… and my dogs
Looking forward to your thread.

Hello Sandy and welcome to the forum.:slight_smile:

Hello and Welcome :slight_smile:


Hello Sandy :slight_smile: a very warm welcome to the forum!

Hello Sandy and welcome :slight_smile: I look forward to chatting with you…

Sandy darlin’ only just now seen your introduction. Belated greetings and welcome from me too. Somerset is lovely county - all that lovely cider!!! - fabulous!


Hello Sandy and I am sure you will fit in here very well, everyone is very friendly.

Hope your foot gets better soon. Your dog will miss walkies:)

Look forward to chatting.

Hello Sandy - welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it here.

I understand how you feel with your walking being curtailed - I damaged my thigh whilst digging a year ago and couldn’t walk my dogs for weeks. I now happily limp all over the place :slight_smile:

Hope your foot gets better soon.

Sandy darlin’ - Plantar Fascitis is nasty - you’re not alone because I have it too - but Podiatrist gave me an insole to fit into my shoes - they have a raised bias on the instep - hasn’t entirely cured it, but it certainly helps a great deal with the pain.

Welcome Sandy, I’ve had it in the past as well, I did the same as Uncle Joe.

Enjoy the site :slight_smile:

Karen darlin’ - do what I’ve done - have a ‘new’ titanium steel hip - they last longer than the bone ones!!!:lol::lol::lol:

:lol: it isn’t my hip Uncle Joe - I was digging in the garden and managed to burst the pouch of fluid that sits between the two joints (called bursitis) but my GP left it for 18 months before referring me even though I was in agony and could barely walk. The ortho bloke has said that the damage done from being left for so long is now irreversible and there’s nothing much they can do other than steroid and anaesthetic injections every 3 months - which doesn’t really help to be honest. If a new hip would help I’d be jumping up and down for one (very gently jumping up and down) but it’s my thigh that is damaged and they can’t do anything about that now :frowning:

Sorry to hear about the Bursitis.

No doubt you will be familiar with acronym known as PRICEM, which stands for:

Elevation, and

The injections will help but there might be a restriction on the number per annum.

Good Morning Starshine! I come up from Zummerset too! I can sympathize with the foot problem (so can my dog Floyd) just had op to remove glass from my foot which had been there 3 years (don’t ask) Just joined here & like it, it’s free!!!

Hi Sandy and welcome.