Hello from Philip from Wales

Hello and this is just to introduce myself. I am a nearly 64 year old retired doctor living on my own in South Wales.

I’ve been around several of the over 50 areas on the internet in recent years and see some familiar faces here. I am the one who always uses my swan picture as an avatar and sort of general logo!

This link is to a Profile I maintain on my own website and use to save retyping stuff in different places.

PhilipM Profile

Hello Philip :slight_smile: welcome, I look forward to chatting with you.

Hi Philip and welcome to he forum :slight_smile:

Hi Philip glad you could join us, were a friendly bunch that like a good chat :slight_smile:

Thanks all and as I was saying I can already see over a dozen familiar names!

Hi Philip,nice to see You again,welcome to the Forum:~)

Hello Philip, welcome from me too. :smiley:

Hello from me three … :smiley:

Hello Philip and a very warm welcome to you.:slight_smile:

Hello Philip :slight_smile: a very warm welcome to Over50sForum…

Welcome from me also :slight_smile:

Hi Phillip from Wales , I’m susan from Weymouth

Hello Phillip - welcome!

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you all for those further welcomes. I recognise a few more familiar ones.

Hello Philip, welcome :slight_smile:

It’s a big WELCOME from me Philip.

Hello again.