Hello from me

hello everyone

I have to say on registration the question got me stumped for a bit…I was actually typing out the sentence until I realised it required a sum for answer :blush:

I always get there in the end…:wink: in my own time.

It looks a great place. I’m going for a snoop about now.

Hi Morticia - welcome to our friendly site and congratulations on passing the maths test!!! It’s certainly a talking point.
I hope you enjoy it here

I think I’m going to love it here and thanks for the friendly welcome.

There’ll be plenty more along later - think everyone except me is having a busy day today

Hello and Welcome Morticia! Yup, that sum had me stumped too. I love your avatar!

Hope you enjoy the forum.

Hello Morticia :slight_smile: lovely to meet you, so pleased you could join us…

Hi Morticia, great to meet you, do love your user name…:slight_smile:

Welcome Morticia :023:

I think we need to revisit that registration question :lol:

I’m a big fan of Gomez and Lurch :lol:

no don’t…I figured it was some kind of entrance intelligence test and it would be a shame to spoil the fun :smiley:

Hiya and welcome aboard :039:

Wooo hoo hiya Morty good to see ya here :039:
It’s a lovely friendly place, with a lot of cat fans :wink:

hiya nippy .thanks for letting me know about this place.

I like it very much

Welcome, Morticia. Lovely to see you here :smiley:

Hello Morticia-pleased to meet you

:smiley: Hello Morticia. Glad you’ve decided to join us.

Hello Morticia :039: great to meet you…:smiley:

You have cats? …and we haven’t seen you on Catsey yet!! :shock::lol: