Hello from Leicestershire

Hi to everyone, totally new to this kind of forum, actually didn’t know it even existed til i read in the paper about Sagazone closing it’s doors, (very sorry for all the members), i am actually excited to be in a place where i can hopefully get lively, stimulating and interesting conversation and hopefully make new friends, i currently have my 9 month grandson for all of the above and whilst he is the love of my life, his knowledge of the economy, health, gardening, hobbies and politics is limited to say the least :lol:

Hello Cindy :smiley: welcome, I look forward to chatting with you.


Hello Cindy:) Oh you will find this forum a very friendly place to be and it is certainly lively and interesting:)

Look forward to chatting.

Take care:)

Hi there,
Hope you have a great time on here. You will have something to chat about to the Grandson now. Give him as much knowledge as possible at
a young age and he will be a genius.
Take care and hope you like it on here :lol:

Hi Cindy and welcome.

Good afternoon Cindy darlin’ and welcome from me too.


Hi Cindy :slight_smile: a warm welcome to the forum…

I hope you’ll enjoy your time here :smiley:

Hi there Cindy - Welcome here…:smiley:


Hello n welcome … looking forward to chatting

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:



Hello Cindy.
I too am new ,joined today. Just skimming around the site I can,t believe how friendly everyone is . mariea

I’d love to put a funny photo but I’m not that clever so I’ll just say hello Molly and welcome to the forum :smiley: (that’s a picture of me grinning)

giggle…like the pic…:-p

Hello Cindy and a warm welcome to you.:slight_smile:


Hello Cindy, a belated greeting from me too :wink: