Hello from Derbyshire

Hi everyone I am new to this site I enjoy painting drawing and particularly glass engraving. I also like to meet new people and make friends and hear about their interests and new ideas. If anyone would like a chat I would love to hear from you


Welcome John from Pats :smiley:


Hi John :slight_smile: a warm welcome to the forum, looking forward to chatting with you…

Thanks ,nice to meet you


Welcome John, looking forward to chatting with you.

Welcome from me too in Cheshire. :slight_smile:

Good afternoon John matey and welcome.



Welcome fellow artist and crafty person!

Welcome to the forum John. We have a diverse selection of topics which you will find out and we like to chat. Hope you enjoy the site

Hello and a warm welcome.


Thanks Michael nice to meet you

Thanks everyone for the warm greetings

Hello other crafty person

Hello Moyra thanks for the warm welcome

Hello John welcome aboard.

Hello John :slight_smile: welcome, I look forward to chatting with you.

Hello John, welcome to the forum :slight_smile: