Hello everyone

Hi to all from a cold wet night in Scotland.:slight_smile:

A very big welcome Scotsman, I just hope that you will enjoy this rather friendly place and make yourself as comfortable as we all are. No rancour here so that will make a nice change! Look forward to seeing your future postings, have fun.

Hello Jim :slight_smile: welcome . I look forward to chatting with you.

Hello Scotsman :slight_smile: A warm welcome to you, hope you enjoy it here :smiley:

Hello Scotsman and welcome to our little haven, you will enjoy it.

Hello Jim, a warm welcome to you:-D

Looking forward to chatting with you…

Hi, welcome, good to meet you…`

Hi Scotsman, cald ootside, but warm in here

Hi Scotsman
Welcome to this friendly forum. Look forward to your post.

Hello Scotsman Jim. Welcome to the friendliest forum on the internet. Come and have a good chat with us soon. :slight_smile:

Welcome Jim this is a lovely forum. Enjoy :smiley:

Good to have you on board Jim, look forward to seeing your posts…:wink:

Welcome to the forum, look forward to seeing your posts

Hello Jim, glad you’ve joined us, this is a good place to be.

Thank you all for the welcome, see there is a lot to do on this site need to keep looking

Hello Jim, nice to meet you - hope you enjoy the forum :slight_smile:

Hello Jim, a very warm welcome to you!.

Hello Jim, I’m new to this place too :slight_smile: There is a lot to look at on this site…I’m still slowly finding my way around. Look forward to chatting to you.

hello Jim welcome to this lovely forum

Welcome to the Forum from me in wet Renfrewshire!!