Hello Everyone!

Good messy and non-stop raining Friday morning!

Getting approval to post took a few weeks and I had given up. I was looking up a password for another forum when I ran across this one and thought “one more try” and by golly here I am:)

I have been retired for several years, so “over50” means waaay over, lol

DH and I still have our small farm that we are fortunate to have good health to maintain ourselves for the most part. Trying to find youth who don’t mind getting dirt under their fingernails is next to impossible.

I still have two horses, three cats, and three dogs. Two dogs were rescues. One was dumped on the road below, the other came from a shelter.

The third dog is re-homed from a great home but they could no longer keep her. i had the man bring the dog to our farm so he could see where she would be living instead of just looking at pictures. He stayed for two hours, watching her play in the backyard with my dogs, then quietly (and I’m sure holding back the tears) said goodbye and left.

The new addition is the Rottweiler. The other two are Catahoula/mixes. Yes, having been raised on a dairy farm, I LOVE big dogs and they live in the house when they aren’t helping with barn chores.

Hello Frieda :slight_smile: welcome…

Hello Frieda :slight_smile: a very warm welcome to Over50sForum…

Welcome to the forum Frieda. I was wondering if you have any animals. ;-):lol:

Good afternoon Frieda darlin’ and welcome.

Hello Frieda, welcome to our forum, you have your hands full there with all the pets.

Hi Frieda from up here on the southcoast of Mass. A rainy windy day - -some of the rain that (I think) moved up from your area. Our daughter also has a Catahoula mix. Wonderful dogs.

Hello and welcome Frieda.
Sweetie x

Thank you for the warm welcome!

Susiejaeger, I do have my hands full:).

Caring for everyone is a Catch22 – it now takes me twice as long to do half as much work, lol. On the other hand, if I didn’t have these critters, I would sit around doing nothing and lose whatever muscle power I have left.

I was raised with horses and have been paying for my own, non-stop, since I was 12. These will be my last two horses as I am too old to bring anymore home, but they are the big reason I get up and get moving every day:)

DaveA , yes, I’m afraid that miserable weather you were not enjoying did come from my direction:(. I’m in Middle Tennessee and we caught every drop of rain that was in the sky yesterday – all day into the evening:( We only got into the 40"s (F). Between the cold rain and wind, it made for a very raw day.

I am originally from the OH/PA border — I thought I was having a cold-to-the-bone bad dream all day, lollol

The dogs weren’t interested in going for a run, and the horses either spent the day in the barn, or below the barn where there is a grove of trees that provides a good windbreak.

No rain today, the sun will show itself, and we are supposed to hit 50(F). Whatever will we do if the sun comes out, lollol