Hello All

I am a refugee from another over 50’s forum. I like reasoned and intelligent discussion and debate with no personal animosity. I am afraid the site which I have just left has deteriorated into a kindergarten over the last few years so I have reluctantly given up on it.

I look forward to meeting new people and fresh ideas here on Over50’sforum.

welcome, hope you enjoy your time here.

A warm welcome to you GOG, we are a friendly crowd here so I hope you enjoy the forum.:smiley:

Thank you for the welcome. I will observe for a while and get the feel of the place.

Nice to have you on the forum Gog, welcome.

Look forward to your posts Gog, and I hope that you enjoy our company…

Hello, nice to meet you - hope you enjoy the forum…

Hello Gog, hope you enjoy it here :slight_smile:

Hello GOG and welcome. OFF is still young and so far as I know we’ve not had any major upsets, we are not as big as some forums. In 1996 I was involved in a small way with setting up a web site which included a public forum, at the time there was only 36 members and it was very friendly and very useful, it took about 5 years for the site to grow slowly and then it suddenly took off, it is totally un moderated and now you should see the abuse and insults that are bandied around on there!!!

Hello and welcome to the forum GOG. :039:

Hello Ian :slight_smile: welcome…

Hello GOG :wink: