Hedgehog story

In august last year we found a young hedgehog wandering around the garden not very well. We have had hedgehogs for years, so we took it to our local rescue centre, but mentioned that we would love it back if it survived. Here we are over 12 months later when we get a phone call from the centre asking if they could come and release (Ronnie) named after me. We were elated, so here it is


Oh my word!! What an amazing little headgehog…so will he live in your garden then? Or is he too tame now…more like a pet? ( I have no idea about hedgehogs, sorry!)

Such a lovely little :hedgehog:!

I love it! Adorable!

No he’s not tame pix, we recorded at least four hedgehogs in the garden on our infra red night time cameras earlier this year so he will have friends (not that hedgehogs are friendly to each other) We were asked if they could release maybe two females into our garden in a few weeks which we have agreed to


Awwww xx

My word…a regular little hedgehog sanctuary then, well done!

Aww he looks so cute! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That’s lovely @macywack , and it’s great to see them because their numbers seem to be in decline.

That’s lovely Macy :slightly_smiling_face:. I used to have a resident hedgehog, it once got caught in some netting I put up for the strawberries . It disappeared I suspect my neighbours new fence blocked its path.
I hope you manage to keep yours around…

Quite a while ago now…

New Hedgehog House built with the help and advise from Logan.



I just lurve hodgeggs :lol: They are adorable creatures.

nice one dianne, wish i could post video, i have such a memorable moment when our little lad came out of the box back into the garden

Lucky you macy, we had three back in the spring, haven’t seen hide nor hair since, no new fencing anywhere so don’t know what happened.