Hebridean bothy sale seeks 'active' islander

Oh my word!! If I was 20 years younger, I would go for this!


have been there, what a place, yes 40 years ago maybe

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Fantastic view!

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I haven’t been there, but I have been to Skye, and others. I love the islands. :heart_eyes:

Isn’t it just…so inspiring. Only 100 people live there now. I expect you would have to get involved in the community, which would be fine (in small doses) :flushed:

Not sure all my craft stuff would fit in that little bothy though! :grinning:

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I wonder if Amazon deliver to there though? :astonished: Or would crafters have to go all natural and weave grass or do shell & driftwood things…Hmmm

Not for me.
I stayed in the country once, lived in the Cotswolds, if you did not have a car you were effectively isolated as after Maggie did her thing with the buses there weren’t any.
Up there it would be 100 times worse and the winters would be long and hard.
Give me a bothy in the Seychelles and I am thee. :grinning:

Well, yes the Seychelles would be kinder on the skin I daresay. I used to live on an island, but lasted two years only. Like you say the winters were harsh, the ferries were shut down because they couldn’t cope with the choppy water, and it was pretty dire with a young family. I love the idea though…I would last 6 month here really, if I’m honest.

It sounds lovely, but an island that is 5 miles by 3 miles isn’t going to be there for long considering how quickly ice melts are increasing sea levels. :fearful:

Cannot you not swim? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Maybe they would have a relocation allowance to allow you to buy somewhere on the mainland?! :joy:

You’d need a heck of a rubber ring to get you through those waters! :astonished:

Would this be OK?

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You must be joking Pixie! How will they get enough fuel for the boat to sail me back to my relocation home? :rofl:

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