Heavenly Stories Updates / Independent Author!

As mentioned on the Ghost/Paranormal and the one about Vampires, I believe that I’ve said that I wrote a series called “Eternal Love” which I’ll be launching, hopefully this July.

Today, I was wee blue, so I worked on new covers for my WIP “Heavenly Unions” This one is based on real-life but with a fantasy twist and a Trilogy. Earth Angels…

I’m an independent author and I’m on my fourth series. Unfortunately, the first two had to be destroyed. So below is my artwork for 3 and 4. Let me know if you like anything? Thanks

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May I ask,why ?

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Yes, you may! They were bought in the morning I self published them, reimbursed in the afternoon. Then published for free on illegal websites . One of the two was broken into my code and the person changed the name of author, aka they removed all my pen names everywhere.

So, after making the complaints, with some sites expecting me to pay to have my books taken down from their sites, I didn’t want them anymore.

The truth and nothing but the truth… One site sold copies and had an email sent to my old email, shouting that it was the best £1,000 they’ve ever made. You can imagine I was crossed!

That’s why!

Why are angles never shown with beards? Because they get into heaven by a close shave

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I’m sorry to hear that.I didn’t realize such skulduggery went on in the publishing world.At least you know people like your books.

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: oh my ! That’s plagiarism on steroids …How will you protect your latest books from thieves?

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Hubby must have known as he’d shaved his beard a few days beforehand… Sorry :pensive:

Staying away from Amazon platform!

Did you take the cover photos of the books? if not then you might have breached copywite laws unless you paid the original photographer to use them

I don’t use photographer’s stock. I create my own artwork and pay for pics myself. No copyright breach on my part but they did plenty against me.

Hope that clears it. Thanks!