Heated electric brush

Do you use one?
…it’s a styling brush…
I am fed up of putting heated rollers into my hair.

Saw one in Sainsburys …it was reduced down…from £30 to £20,

Thought I would ask,before I purchased,I don’t want to waste my money.

I had a heated brush years ago and couldn’t get on with it , the brush gave me split ends and got tangled in my hair .

I use a hair drier and ceramic brush with bobbles on the bristles to ‘liven up’ up my hair if I am going out .

Do you think they might be more advanced now,Meg?

I may look online,to see the reviews…is your hair long?

Mine is short…I did but some tongs last year,when I went into hospital…heated by inserting gas cartridge ,they were absolute rubbish.very disappointed .have kept them…in case my rollers die on me.

I keep all heated things away from my hair, it doesn’t like heat, goes all brittle and breaks, no hairdryers for me. I use styling mouse on the shorter layers on the top of my head.

You have beautiful hair Rox…I forgot about the constant heat,from the styler…have decided not to buy it ,thank you,Meg…Rox,:slight_smile:

Pauline :slight_smile: I wouldn’t think they are more advanced, a heated brush is pretty basic .
My hair is a chin length bob so not long.

I agree, Roxy.
I wouldn’t use tongs or heated rollers either because of damaging my hair.

Same here can’t be dealing with all that anyway .

I was finding the weight of my hair was pulling it down and there was no height anymore, so I had some layers put in the top. When it’s wet I put in some mouse foam and brush it upwards, as it drys naturally I run my fingers upwards through the top every now and again, by the time it has dried I brush it upwards then add some gentle hold hair spray. It gives me the height and a load of volume with no damage.

I will just keep using my heated rollers…my hair is shiny,in good condition ,a heated brush may damage it…I have a layered bob…my rollers give it that extra body.:slight_smile:

I always dry mine,with my head down,plus I use a foam as my hair is quite flyaway…I will stick with my rollers…I will probably look for another set…as the ones I have are over eight yrs old.:slight_smile:

I have used a heated brush/styler for years, my hair is long, highlighted and in excellent condition. It is so much easier blow drying with one of these than having to use two hands with a brush and hairdryer.
You get a salon finish. Go for it pauline3.

Could you let me know the make of your heated brush/styler,Xandra?

Thank you,::…I wish I could try,before I buy.