Have you tried Pimms?

Have any of you ever drank Pimms, is it nice , I’ve never tasted it but would like to try it for a change:confused:

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Oh yes :slight_smile: we used to have Pimms on the first day back in September at ‘new girls tea’ in the boarding school in which I worked . It makes me think of hot marquees .

I now have it once a year in my grandchildren’s school. The parents and family of the pupils are invited to ‘Pimms, wine and nibbles’ at the end of summer term .
I have missed it for the last 2 years because of Covid.

It tastes a bit ‘ginny’/spicy/fruity with the aroma of the fruit and herbage on your glass adding to the overall taste experience…:smiley:

Sounds nice, must buy a bottle, I’m a bit fed up with red wine…just an excuse

It’s lovely … haven’t had it for years though.

This weather it’ll make a nice long cool refreshing drink in a tumbler with ginger ale and loads of ice. Stick a slice of lime or lemon in too if you fancy.
If you don’t fancy ginger ale lemonade will do the job too. Or tonic. Some go for that instead.

The nice thing is you can mix your own strength … I ended up getting carried away and putting gin in it too and after 2 tall tumblers was flat on my back, totally crapulous.

Pimms is delicious!

Get the long silk skirts and straw hats out ST :slight_smile:

I will bring the ice, time for Pimms :cool:

Yipee! I’ll be right there!:smiley:

Another nice one (if you like orange flavour) is Martini Fiero with tonic water and lots of ice!

Oh good, we’ll have a party…

Not available in SA

I don’t care for Martini ST too medicinal tasting for me … :slight_smile:

A bit too warm outside Paula, do you have a palm covered terrace, we could have it there… :cool:

We will send you some Minx :slight_smile: can’t have you missing out…

Meg, I’ll just order the palm trees along with the Pimms

…fantastic Paula :slight_smile: I am on my way…
when I can find my straw hat :mrgreen:

All this talk and no pictures - here’s one:


It reminds me of lounging on a terrace, overlooking the sea, waiting for the maid to serve dinner … :cool:

Good grief, Omah, I am drooling on my keyboard here!

I wear a bib nowadays just for that eventuality … nurse says it makes me look elegant:


Pimms is lovely, but it is very potent, don’t mix it too strong, you can put whatever you like in it, a few mint leaves, cucumber, anything, if you buy some frozen fruit, it saves using ice cubes, and it soaks into the fruit, delicious…

well that looks good