Have you seen a falling star? How many?

I looked outside tonight. It looked like a clear sky, lots of stars out.

I saw one of the stars, an orange one, looked like it was falling. Maybe a falling star.

Years ago, there was supposed to be an event where there were going to be a shower of falling stars. Someone got me out of bed to go look. I was too tired to care about some tiny moving lights at the time.

This tiny falling star :star: was much more interesting.

How many falling stars have you seen? :stars:

I just put it in my pocket and never let it fade away


is there a difference between a falling star and a shooting star
being honest i’m not out a lot at night and rarely look up when i am…lol
but i do look at the sky in India and even tho we are in the same hemisphere so share the sky, their new moon appears like a big smile in the dark sky whereas ours looks like the bracket on your keyboard…
but i do remember seeing plenty shooting stars… i even saw the Northern Lights a long time ago.

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Ive seen Haleys Comet it was well forecast so when i saw it 1986 I phoned my Sister up and she let the children go out to watch it .
I wont be around for the next sighting which is 2061.
Ive seen a few Shooting stars ,.
My son saw a green flash come down in front of him while he was driving ,he pulled over to find it but it was lost .Meteors are rarley found .

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I’ve not seen any falling stars , shooting stars yes
I’ve seen comets Hale Bopp and Haileys comet.

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Seen quite a few over the years Butterscotch. I’ve spent many a long night walking and running over the moors where there was no light pollution. There are more things moving about up there than you could possibly imagine, but you never see it very often due to cloud, light pollution and just not looking up at night when you’re out.

There’s lots of meteor showers every year, I’ve seen some spectacular ones when I’ve been working nights. Here’s the latest meteor shower dates if you’re interested.


I have seen lots of shooting stars,it always amazes me.

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A falling star is one that burns up while entering the earths atmosphere Crabby. A shooting star is one that harmlessly passes us by…
A Freddy Starr is a British comedian…sadly deceased now…

I love the night sky , I always think our ancestors would have looked up in awe as I do . I love it , I rarely see stars as i live in light pollution. Sometimes I like to go to dark places with a friend and sit and stare . So beautiful


I remember when I was about 12 years old and went with a friend and his family to Norfolk. I remember being totally amazed when I looked up into the night sky, I’d never seen anything like it. (due to living in a light polluted area all my life) You could clearly see the Milky Way and that image is still imprinted in my memory. I must take my wife to a dark sky area pretty soon, it’s something she’s never seen.

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Yes, you are quite right in a light free area the night sky is fantastic.

Australia is spoilt, we can get away from light pollution (and pollution in general) and we are looking at the brightest section of the Milky Way. When I first came here I was in awe of the night sky.

I think my only disappointment was that the Southern Cross is actually quite small.

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hasn’t usa got the most fallen stars?? - just sayin!