Have you made any New Year resolutions?

That’s the way mine usually go!! :grin:


That’s my resolution every year.


I felt the urge to declutter and redecorate … so I had a cup of tea … and the urge went away!


You see, the trouble with New Years Resolutions is that they are supposed to start on New Years Day, when you wake up feeling rubbish after the night before.

I’d like to report that Dead Man’s Fingers rum gives you a teensy weensy hangover and if anyone thinks I’m sticking to those resolutions of a morning walk and no sugar in my coffee today, they can sod right off



I don’t really make NY Resolutions. 17 years ago I resolved to quit smoking but started on 1st Feb. I have stuck to it.:+1:

2021 has been the worst year ever for me so I am hoping 2022 will be better. I lost my Mum at xmas 2020 then my SIL, and two very close friends this last year. There has been an ongoing legal issue with a sibling over my Mum’s will and it has cost me a lot in legal fees already but I am more upset knowing that this would have distressed my Mum so much.

I have had a few health issues as has my husband and we are now feeling our ages.

All I want is a peaceful, healthy life so I am going to try to to look after my body and not to get stressed about things I have no control over like my malicious sibling.

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