Have You Changed Shopping Habits Since End of Pandemic?

Prices soaring have been the major causes for all of us after the Pandemic.

Some of us were hardest hit after the loss of loved ones.

My regular online and delivered to door shop, came to £154, back in June 2022. Daughter and I yelled at the tablet, “Oh heck no!” with daughter adding “Geez Louise, no way Mum!”

We cancelled everything, deleted account and said our final goodbye.

Printed the list and went shopping to Lidl. We got everything on list, saving £79 in the process. After 15 years loyalty to Tesco that was the last straw after they closed down our mobile phone accounts after telling them that hubby had died. No help whatsoever. Disgusting!

Nearly a year on and shopping bills have been much smaller, quality of foods much better. Savings galore, healthier choices and weight loss to boot!

Yesterday, we grabbed a bus and instead of going downtown, we carried on to next village. Wow! There were bargains to be had!

The retail park had a new pet store. We got new toys for our kitten and four new ceramic bowls for under a fiver.

Next, we found a Pound store with clothing (our locals don’t have that feature) we ended up saving nearly £20 from shopping at our regular clothes shop. Then came a new “Food Warehouse” frozen goods mostly but again another £10 saved.

Our final guilty purchase was apple pie from M&S.

Many of our neighbours have changed as well on our recommendations. We’ve been discerning in our choices and gone to other shops after a year, no regrets. Your turn?

So, question: Have you changed loyalty in your shopping habits since the Pandemic?


I buy less, where possible. Never did online shopping, so can’t make that comparison. Always enjoy supermarket shopping anyway, but now try to go less often. But saying that, I did spend over £30 in Aldi today, and never bought anything from the middle aisles, lol.

I do stop to look at prices and decide whether I can do without, or fancy a treat.

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Since the Pandemic we have had our groceries delivered to our door but we do check the prices.


We are the same.Fortunately we have two large supermarkets in the neighbourhood so we can compare prices.

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The stores I shop at have low price guarantees, so if I get something at one and see it lower on another, I just call them to get back the price difference. Since they do that, the prices between stores are mostly comparable.

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In my locality I can choose from :point_right: Sainsbury, Tesco, Morrison, Aldi, Lidl and the Co-op as well a huge cash-n-carry, so prices tend to be very competitively keen :+1:

EDITED to add … I’ve been reminded that we also have a huge M & S food+ hall in the locality also with easy free parking.


Yup our local Marks and Sparks moved out to bigger retail space, three floors, into retail park situated in next village.

We’ve to be careful, daughter and i, as we could get carried away in food section lol!

When in work-travels, always tried to find M&S for monthly treat if ginger biscuits with tub of clotted cream.

In the past we’d tried a wedding anniversary fruit cake which was divine at our vows renewal. Now daughter is hoping that when her big day comes that she’ll get the triple tier all Chocolate wedding cake.

We call M&S up here the Harrods of our corner of Scotland :+1:

My problem with shopping around to compare prices is that I don’t drive so I have to get my husband to take me and you have to add in the cost of both our time and petrol etc

Plus when I was working I didn’t really have the time

During Covid I only did online and that habit has stuck, weekly delivery from Ocado and Tescos. Sometimes Iceland or Morrisons And we have a very good butcher just 10. Minutes walking distance up the road who also does a little bit of local fresh fruit and veg and eggs

But since I’ve retired I’ve been doing a bit of “pottering” shopping buying bits I can carry easily and using my bus pass to pop up to town and go to Farmfoods, Poundland, B&M etc

BUT although it’s cut my online bill and there’s bargains to be had, I think it makes me spend more overall!

Because when I’m out pottering I see things I didn’t intend to buy and home they come with me, whereas online it’s not so easy to get tempted :rofl:

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I know that feeling all too well, but they stopped selling my favourite handy bagged nibbles that went by the name of Deltas. Deltas were a superb potato & rice flour baked mini biscuit. Since they were deleted, my visits to M&S have diminished to about every 8 wks or so, where as before, it was a weekly visit😁

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I usually check on-line to see which outlet has the best price to suit my list before I depart and lately the best overall is usually Sainsbury’s.


Haven’t had a car since 2011 @Maree and got bus pass in 2020 just before lockdown.

If you struggle with shopping bags you should check out the post office store or Argos for these shopping trolleys. We’d given hubby on last Father’s Day an insulated one for cold/frozen foods and a regular one. Here’s the link:


In three years we only had to replace the regular one which had failed lol!

They’re very useful and if properly loaded take loads of shopping. They’ve been a God sent. On days where we get eggs and bottles of sodas, it’s heavy and fragile items, so we jump in a taxi as somehow, there’s never any deliveries available lol!

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They do look good, thank you

I think might feel a bit of a fool wheeling it around though and my chaps would take the p

I might get one and try though. I’ve got a bus pass too

If you pay for a taxi, then that must use up some of the money you save?

I’m finding the best option is to get the bulky stuff delivered and then potter around picking other shops picking up bits and pieces and bargains in the other shops that I can carry home

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Hey @Maree no worries. Please don’t feel a fool using these. They’re plenty in use in my corner of Scotland and honesty, we may look funny, but hey it’s great for balance when one is occasionally dizzy due to low blood pressure and iron deficiency.

After all they’re a third leg and you can’t beat that for stability. Any day!

One insulated freezer bag full and I’ve food in my freezer for a month at least. Thanks to Iceland and sometimes Farmfoods or that rock bottom priced one Food Warehouse in the next village.

Who cares what people think about what we look like with our witchy trolleys lol. One day, the ones who laugh now will reach our age and probably looking worst for wear :rofl::rofl::rofl: Cheers!

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As a Morrisons shopper I was shocked at the very many prices increases - my favourite yoghurt went from £1 kg to £1.60. Other increases - not followed by other supermarkets - made me change my shopping habits - so off to Asda. Prices there were also increasing but not as much and there were plenty of bargains to be had. I also found certain products cheaper in Lidl, so my shopping became split. The yoghurt issue was resolved when I went to Aldi - and now shop there month every five or six weeks - always buying a months supply of their Brooklea yoghurt. BUT - my recent shop in Asda found a huge number of price increases on products which according to google, are much cheaper at Tesco or Boots. So the drive to Tesco is quite probably worth the time/cost and a once a month shop could be better value.

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Our shopping habits have not changed as we always shop around.
We have an M n S,Sainsburys,Tesco,Aldi,Lidl,morrisons and Asda,Home bargains all less than 15 minutes drive,and all very close to each other,so shopping for the best value is easy.
Morrisons are taking the P with their prices.

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Dear @Loftytofty , you’re amazingly lucky to be able to buy a month’s worth of yoghurt.

Due to a strep throat infection in my teens after eating one too close to expiry date. Yes, I went to GP and the test results included the bacterias found in yoghurt. Strange right? But he confirmed it.

So now, I’ve to make certain that the expiry date is at least two weeks and to eat it while still fresh as can be.

I wondered though since then that, maybe it was a bad batch and/or brand as it disappeared from the shops. Who knows but I’ve been weary ever since lol!

Nothing will ever bring me back to Tesco and sadly Asda, without a car, is way too far to reach up the M8. It would be a train journey and two buses.

Then shopping would have to be kept to a minimum due to long journey back.

Thanks for sharing and nice to meet you for the first time :+1:

Yes, Morrisons is bit pricey. Especially, with meat joints. The days of picking up a certain bone-in roasts is out for a while, I’m afraid.

M&S was downtown but now moved to retail park in next village. Local is Tesco (2), Aldi (2), Lidl (2), HomeBargains, B&M (2) and TheRange plus that new Food Warehouse. Then Iceland and two Farmfoods.

Braehead shopping centre is on bus journey as well as huge Primark, a Sainsbury’s (not frequently, usually for Venison specials) and of course Ikea.

Bargains for clothing are always through Charity Shops. If you’re lucky to visit at the right time, you find unusual and out of the ordinary clothing for pennies.

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If you’re so inclined to use technology, checking online for specials is great to find bargains.

Also, if you have your mobile phone with you, this free Android app is useful to plan your shopping needs. It simple, editable and have just few ads. You can even post pictures of particular items required. Neat! (Sorry, I don’t know if it comes for Apple Mac)

Morrisons applied steep increases to pay for some kind of take over. We the customers are paying for it.

But other SMs are doing it just because they can and blame it on the Ukraine war.

I can go to any of the big ones and shop at each. Toilet rolls and kitchen towels I stock up on from Aldi. I spent £31 in there Thursday, most of it on ‘treats’.

I’ve never bought a meat joint, just for myself, apart from a lamb shank, and I think twice about that nowadays. I’ll get slices of meat which can make two meals.

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M n S have a bag of 2k potatoes for £1 and they last for a couple of weeks without sprouting,and if you look through them you sometimes get a couple of jacket spuds out of it too.