Have you been to a big concert?

And if so, what is the best one you have been to?

I went to the Neil Diamond concert with Beautiful Filly in Toronto a few years ago…

It was too bad tho, I got sick during that concert and had to be taken to the hospital, but it is still the best concert and only BIG concert I have ever been to.

She can tell you more about it if you are interested…

I have been to small concerts with Kitty Wells, Stompin Tom,
and my favourite western singer Conway Twitty. Who I was on stage with doing some fill in with someone from our group as I played a bit of guitar…nothing special and can’t sing worth a crap!

Here is my fav Conway Twitty song…

So how about sharing about the concerts or plays you have been to.

Oh, I also saw Cats and Phantom of the Opera. Loved them.

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I have been to a few over the years. My first in '82, I flew to Las Vegas for a week with girlfriends, wanted to see Tom Jones on the strip. I did, it was OK.
I’ve also seen Barry Manilow, Paul Anka and my favorite was in '96…would you believe MC Hammer!? I loved that one…Before you stick your nose up, listen to the energy this guy sells. (This is ME) I love all kinds of music, as you can tell.

The only one I can recall was back in the late 60’s/early 70’s.
We went to see the Beatles down in London.
Couldn’t hear them for screaming girls!

Blue, you are so lucky going to see Neil Diamond (swoon :-)), I have loved that man all my life.

Conway Twitty was one of my favourites singers years ago.

My favourite song of his was “It’s Only Make Believe”

I haven’t been to any big concerts though.

I hear you Mups…you were so lucky to see the Beatles also. I would have loved that…

He hugged me Mags…:smiley: I was thrilled. He could really sing “It’s Only Make Believe”…I was young, can’t remember my age, but sometime in my 30’s I think.

Heres a few :slight_smile: ive been to

Ronan Keating at Royal Concert Hall

Billy Ocean @ R. C .H

Caro Emerald @ R.CH

Lucky you, Blue … did your knees go all weak? :wink: :smiley:

Oh Right Now, that is awesome, Tom Jones, Wow, I loved him…
I hadn’t heard MC Hammer, but I just played a bit of your video and I can see what you mean by the energy. It is great. I am going to put it back on and listen to it all the way through.

I went to Vegas lots of times, but never went to see any of the shows (foolish I know), as my nose was always just in the gambling, hours and hours of it…

Oh yes Mags, I was on the stage with him …he hugged me and I nearly fell over…I’ll never forget that hug, it was the only one I ever got from anyone famous…

Oh my gosh Eliza, you have been to all these concerts, how wonderful. I will play them in a few minutes, I know who Billy Ocean is, but the other two I don’t know…

Beautiful Filly has been to an Elvis Concert…but I will leave that for her to tell you about…lucky her, I loved Elvis…:smiley:

Aah, thanks for that Blue, I never tire of hearing that man.

I think I might become a geriatric Neil Diamond groupie. :lol:

HAHAHA, I know what you are saying…do want another song? I’ll get one…

I hear you, and know what you mean. I used to sit at blackjack tables for hours…:cool:

I’ve been to close to a hundred . Some of the best were Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis, MaDonna, The Eagles, Rush, Heart, Rush , Fleetwood MAC , Chuck Mangioni, Chicago, Lighthouse, Santana, alanis morrisette, Neil Young, Peter Gabriel, ELO, Mike and the Mechanics…

So many that I can’t remember them all but I really enjoy music very much ; especially the energy of concerts. Now the audiences would be overwhelming for me but I used to go. Most of the concerts were seen with a large group of friends .

I sort of miss that type of thing now.

For Mups

You will love this one with the lyrics on it…

Hope you see this one (above) Mups, it is one of my favs…he is so sexy in this one…enjoy!

My first “big” one was The Stones in the Park 5th July 1969:


with Family, Battered Ornaments (without Pete Brown), King Crimson, Roy Harper, Third Ear Band, Alexis Korner’s New Church, Screw

My last “big” one was Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young with Joni Mitchell at Wembley 14th September 1974:


with Tom Scott and the L.A Express, The Band, Jesse Colin Young

The above sites are not “secure”, so I can’t include any photos, but click on the links to be there on the day … :cool: