Have we got many members from Australia here?

I started going through the members list here looking for Aussie members.
I scrolled the list, clicking every name for 30 minutes and found 23 Aussies.
Two others from Perth, same as me. Two from Tasmania
What I did notice was that there were a lot, a lot of members who last posted a decade or more ago.
I have bookmarked the page I stopped scrolling on and will return to scroll some more.
Though I just now accessed the bookmarked page and alas it went back to the start of the list.
I did input - “Australian Members” but nowt came up.


If you turn the item your using upside down you then can start at the bottom of the list. Logic at its best. :innocent: :rofl:



Not in Tassie or WA

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Hello Bruce. if you are not in either of those states…

The First State

Understood :+1:

the only state that is makin any money for the rest of oz !!

Its all about States not Counties, fresh starts need a statement of intent.

:+1: Billions of dollars a year coming out of the Western Australian ground.
Last year, the mining resources sector sold over $300 billion of commodities.

yea and givin lots of spondoolez to the govt in taxes - every ounce of ore is taxed?

For sure.
The Western Australian Government collected $8 billion in royalties.
A total of $15 billion was collected by the Federal Government.